Sunday, 26 March 2017

Reorder Repeatable Structure Field Content

Reorder Repeatable Structure Field Content for Liferay

Current Problem:

Currently “Repeatable:true” enables content writers to add numerous content as per their requirements. The problem arises when you want to re-order these components while “Add or Remove” functions. 

As of now, users do not have this functionality and content editors face significant challenges to get things done rapidly.


Reorder Repeatable Structure Field Content is an absolute solution that allows users to re-order content on the go.
Once added, this component allows users to modify and re-order content with UP and DOWN arrows to Add or Remove content fields as per their requirements. 

How to configure:
  • Step 1: Paste the War file in deploy folder on Tomcat Server  
  • Step 2: Add or Remove any repeatable component by click on (+) and (-) Button to add or remove any repeatable content. 
  • Step 3: You will be able to see Up and Down Arrow keys on the left side of (+) and (-) Button and you can move Up and Down any content by clicking them. 

Download component war file by click on below button


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