Thursday, 2 February 2017

Web Content Structure Field Max Repeatable Component for Liferay

KA Structure Field Max Repeatable Component for Liferay

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Creating a structure with “repeatable: true”, it enables content writer to add numerous content box as per requirement. But what if you want to restrict the number of content box & restrict the content writer with a specific number of content box.  


KA Max Repeatable component provides the solution. With this component added you get the new setting option “max repeatable” while creating structure and you can set the appropriate value for that.

How to Configure:
Add following property to file and restart server
Paste the War file in deploy folder on Tomcat Server
Set the value of “max repeatable” attribute on the repeatable field.

So now while creating content if the content writer tries to add more components or content box component then specified value it will restrict the user and display an appropriate notification.

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